PSP 3000 Games Console

The PSP 3000 is the replacement for the PSP 2000. Like its counterpart, the PSP 3000 has a large screen for a handheld device. However, the 3000 comes with a new anti-glare screen and broader colour palette resulting in brighter and more vibrant pictures. The PSP also plays music and video making it a versatile multimedia player. Another new feature on the PSP 3000 is built in microphone that is located below the screen. The intention is for it to be used with the built in Skype application for game play. However, if you do have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot then the PSP could be used as a phone like device with the built in Skype software.

PSP 3000

The PSP 3000 has the same dimensions and screen size as its predecessor – 4.3 inch widescreen – but is lighter in weight. Currently it is available in either silver or black. The silver version has a mat finish where as the black version has a shiny finish which makes it a magnet for fingerprints and smudges. The control buttons are quite responsive and are laid out in the same manner around the screen as the PSP 2000 albeit with a few cosmetic differences.

Audio playback is pretty good through the PSP 3000 built in speakers. The device also comes with a headphone socket that will take any standard 3.5 inch headphone. As for video playback, the PSP can play videos from a variety of sources with good picture quality. The PSP also have the ability to stream live TV from a Sony LocationFree TV device as long as the PSP is in a Wi-Fi hot spot. The device comes with a number of other very useful features to add to the entertainment value that it offers. These include Web Browsing, RSS reader, Photo display and Internet Radio.

As a portable games machine, the PSP is pretty hard to beat. Yes, the Nintendo DS is probably the more popular but the games are pitched at a child like level. The PSP games are more grownup and should in theory appeal to a wider audience. Some of the games include an online multiplayer component that allows you to play against players in the same room or via the internet with other players anywhere in the world.

PSP 3000

The battery life on the PSP 3000 is pretty much as it is on the PSP 2000. It is possible to get up to 6 hours game play or 5 hours on video. These figures will of course depend on various settings like the brightness on the screen for instance.

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