What Is A Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s latest offering in the world of eBook gadgets. This device allows you to read your eBooks, magazines and newspapers with ease and one of the good things about ebook of course is that they save trees.

Kindle Fire HD

Some of the key features of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD includes being able to surf the net if you are connected to Wi-Fi, and you have the option to download and watch your favourite movies or television shows in high definition. You can also download and play your favourite games on the 8.9 inch screen.

One of the great options that the Amazon Kindle offers to its users is its dedicated content server. The content server allows you to shop on Amazon.co.uk and download any book you like from over a million different book titles that you can purchase.

Additionally, Amazon offers a lending library for its Prime members. Being a Prime member requires you to pay an annual fee to Amazon, but you will have several perks such as borrowing eBooks from the lending library with no return date. You can also stream videos instantly on your Kindle Fire HD.

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